We are glad to announce the deployment of the very first version of the site In order to make this ambitious project succeed we need volunteers to add content, articles and additional materials:

  • Students
  • Islamic Judges
  • Teachers in Islamic universities and institutes
  • Imams and preachers of mosques
  • Graduates of Islamic institutes
  • Researchers in everything related to Islam
  • In short: anyone who has knowledge related to Islam and can add articles or materials on the site

Lessons are pertaining to all the possible topics:

  • Aqidah
  • Quran and its sciences
  • Hadith and its sciences
  • Fiqh of worship
  • Fiqh of family
  • History and biography
  • Promotion of virtue and prevention of vice
  • Decency and morals
  • Origins of Fiqh
  • Jurisprudence of transactions
  • Invitation of non-Muslims
  • Fatwas

We want this to be the beginning and inception of a great Islamic preaching group on the web, according to the doctrine of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah. We need motivated contributors who have acceptable level in the Islamic sciences.

If you are busy, there is no problem for us. We will create a site account for you to add articles and materials via the user-friendly and intuitive control panel. You can also invite your classmates, colleagues or connections in social networking sites if they have the required level of Islamic knowledge in order to contribute too. If you know some Islamic institute teachers or students, please send them to the site and urge them to contribute.

The project is ambitious and will address all Islamic issues and in all languages. The success of this website depends on the exposed content in terms of quality and quantity.