Love for the sake of Allah

haven’t any question, but I want to say to you : ana uhebbuka fe allah( I love for the sake of Allah )wa asaalu Allaha an yuwaffequka fe al dunya wa al akherah( I pray that Allah may grant you success in this life and the life after).

Al-hamdu lillaah.

May Allaah reward you, dear brother, for practicing the sunnah, as it has been related by Al-Miqdaam bin Ma’di Karib that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “If any of you loves his brother then he should inform him” (Tirmidhi, Hadeeth Hasan Sahih) Also, Anas ibn Maalik related: “I was sitting with the Prophet when a man came passing by, and he said, ‘Oh Prophet of Allaah, indeed I love this man (in a brotherly way)’; so he (the Prophet ) said, ‘Have you informed him of this?’; so the man said, ‘No.’; so the Prophet said, ‘Get up and go tell him.’; so he got up and went to him and said, ‘Oh so-and-so, by Allaah, indeed I love you for the sake of Allaah’; so he said, ‘May the One for whom you have loved me, love you (in return).” (related by Imam Ahmad and Abu Daawood and it is hadeeth sahih.)

So I say to you: ‘ahabbak allaah ullaadhi ahbabtani feeh’ (May the One for whom you have loved me, love you, in return.)

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